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Ruth Drury’s first children’s book, illustrated by Ali Scothern that helps kids understand and calm their anxieties.

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Ruth Drury’s first children’s book – “Too Many Pants”

Meet Lilidee!!  Lilidee is a little girl who struggles with controlling the BIG emotions that get muddled inside her tummy.  Luckily her mum comes to the rescue and gives her some great tips to help make sense of them.  Using pants to help explain the control of emotions, this. fun-loving, beautifully illustrated book shows the daily struggles that many children have and gives a fun method on how to solve them.

The story involves BIG pants, SCARY pants, HAPPY pants, GRUMPY pants and many more…

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  1. Amber Newton

    I received my copy of ‘too many pants’ the other day. What a delightful book! It is often hard to find books that help children to understand their emotions and this book did it sensitively and beautifully. I even showed it to my teenage son who has ASD, PDA, ADD and mood dysregulation disorder and it raised a smile and opened a conversation with him about managing his emotions in the real world. Good luck Ruth! Thank you.

  2. Kirsty rea (verified owner)

    I received the children’s copy of “too many pants” yesterday.

    It’s a lovely book with great illustrations, which explains feelings in such a lovely way that my ASN son can understand.

    I love that it shows the children that’s its something us adults deal with too and normalises his BIG feelings and validates them. It perfectly goes along with the emotion coaching we do 🙂

    Thank you Ruth.

  3. Olivia

    Really enjoyed reading this book ‘Too many pants’ with my six year old son. A clever story to make children understand the different feelings they might be feeling and how to take control of it. My son at the end of reading asked me: Mom..what pant are you wearing now? To which I answered: ‘Happy pants!’ He then added: ‘ …and also teaching pants!’
    Great to see he understood what the story was trying to convey! Loved the drawings too because he took time on all the picures.

  4. Becky (verified owner)

    What a great book Ruth!

    We have just read our new book during “school” and both my kids loved it! Lilidee struggles to deal with all the feelings that our children encounter and sometimes this comes across as anger – this obviously rang true with my eldest who said ” That’s like me!”. I think there was relief to know that finding ways to deal with our feelings is something we all have to deal with and is perfectly normal – “Too Many Pants” explains this really well to children. A great book for both families and educational settings.

  5. Lucy (verified owner)

    Great book! My children loved it, but maybe more importantly it made me realise that I am wearing far too many pants these days!!!

  6. Elsie (verified owner)

    It’s a lovely book❤️

  7. Vic (verified owner)

    My 8 year old has just read his copy. We both loved it! The book explains very simply how we all experience different feelings and moods. A really useful educational tool!

  8. Jessica Bishop

    What a beautiful and lovely book Ruth. I bought this for my 8 year old sister, but enjoyed it just as much myself. A very topical subject for so many, and a book that should be read by many to help those conversations around feelings.
    Beautiful illustrations too – a super great book, well done.

  9. Emma Coleman

    I bought this book for my 3 year old niece, who has a vast array of pants, some of which she is already very good at expressing! This book is perfect for her, so that she can start to understand her emotions better. Beautifully written, subtle, and with lovely illustrations to match. Evelyn will love it.

  10. Rachel Stoyell (verified owner)

    I shared this story with my 2 year old daughter and 7 year old son and c’mon what kid doesn’t love a story about pants! My daughter loved the illustrations and was fascinated by the idea of wearing multiple pairs of pants and asked slots of questions about the story and lovely illustrations .
    My 7 year old really hooked into the idea of pants representing emotions and roles and since sharing this story has used the pants analogy often.
    When becoming frustrated during a game “I’ve got my stormy pants on now” and when listening to me stressing over a work email he suggested I “take my work pants off at home”!
    I really love that this book had given him an analogy that is helpful to express his feelings and support others to handle theirs!

  11. Guada Brockman

    Explaining feelings and emotions to a child is not an easy task. Even worse when some of us adults (I include myself in that category) can’t understand them well.
    Ruth’s approach to explaining emotions was simply beautiful. My child found the idea of changing pants a good and easy way to understand and explain how he feels sometimes and also to understand others.
    The illustrations conveyed some of the warmth and intimacy of a Mum giving some pearls of wisdom to her little girl. Very nicely written.

  12. Hayley Jefferson (verified owner)

    We read this book together last night and this morning the boys woke up saying “we’ve got our happy pants on”.
    What a simple and lovely way to teach children to describe their feelings. Plus as an adult, an easier way to explain and help them to understand what is going on in their little heads. Amazing, thank you.

  13. debbie Blyth (verified owner)

    As a Play Therapist I’m always on the lookout for books to use with the children I see in Play Therapy sessions. Ruth has cleverly used the metaphor of ‘pants’ which children love, to help them understand and normalise really big feelings. I’m sure it will help many children understand there are many different feelings and will help to expand their emotional literacy. It is beautifully illustrated and a perfect length to share with young children.

  14. Beth (verified owner)

    A really beautiful book, my normally very calmn4 year old is suffering immensely with lockdown, missing friends, lack of the usual routine and 2 parents working from home, this book has helped her to understand some of her feelings and expanded her view of why she may react in ways she wouldn’t normally. I have also enjoyed reading it with her, and trying to explain how my reactions are also not what she is used to. Just such a happy/funny way to explain to a child who loves pants!

  15. Ella Jarvie

    Lovely simple explanation of our feelings. I read this with my very anxious 8 year old and cross 5 year old. We laughed together about how many different pairs of pants we had been wearing that day-there were many and all accurate. I definitely recommend.

  16. Jennifer Butler

    Fabulous book not only for the kids but made me as a mum realise how many pants we actually get through ourselves a day. A great story describing emotions through pants to young children. Its fabulous that children can read books like this to help their emotional development. Me and my son found it highly amusing. Pantstastic!! Would highly recommend.

  17. Emily Townsend (verified owner)

    A lovely book that makes you think. I bought this for our family; 14yrs, 9yrs, 7yrs, 6yrs. I bought it with our foster teen in mind but it is actually useful for all of us; including me!! It’s so relevant. It made our oldest one realise she has feelings she can’t explain at times and is a great conversation starter for when our youngest is struggling and having a meltdown/tantrum/cry – how many pants are you wearing today? It is also useful for me to explain and apologise when I’m wearing my grumpy or impatient pants too!! A lovely book and so well explained. Thank you, Ruth, and well done!

  18. Elizabeth

    When I initially heard about this book I thought what a lovely idea – I’d love to stock this in my shop! Our copies arrived and we obviously had to trial it. I read to my 3yr old and she thought it was great, we chose our favourite pants and she even instigated a conversation about her feelings which was brilliant. This book is clever, funny and beautifully illustrated. A lovely way to describe our feelings and the ups and downs of life for not just the little ones we are reading to but for us big ones too. Wishing you lots of success Ruth with your truly beautiful book! Xx

  19. Joy Burkinshaw

    We watched the reading of the book on you tube and absolutely fell in love with the story, I’m placing an order for it ASAP for when it’s back in stock, well done Ruth , a relevant story at all times but especially now, I’ve shared it round all my mum friends , especially ones with anxious children

  20. Jessica Wilson (verified owner)

    I ordered the book a few days ago after hearing great things. So we decided to listen to a reading of the book and I would like to say it is great, easy for little people to follow and great concept of what pant are we wearing making it fun and exciting. My little struggles immensely with his emotions and biting people alot this simple discussion of which pants we are wearing is really helping. Fantastic book highly recommended. Fun silly and great to help children understand there emotions.

  21. Helen Hill (verified owner)

    bought this book following a fantastic review and its brilliant. My daughter has been struggling at times with Lockdown and feeling angry and missing her friends and this has been the best way to explain emotions to her in a fun and easy way. Excellent book and would totally recommend it to anyone with children. Just perfect.

  22. Lesley (verified owner)

    This book arrived the day after a terrible wobble ! From both myself and my 5YO, this book was just what we needed . My 5YO got it straight away and it’s opened up discussions I wasn’t sure she would understand ! Thank you Ruth for this amazing book and for helping me help my most precious child! 10/10

  23. Cassie Croton (verified owner)

    A fantastic book to help little ones understand and deal with big emotions. Pants make them giggle, and instantly make emotions less scary. I have since ordered copies for my Niece and Nephew. I highly recommend this book!

  24. Libby (verified owner)

    We are loving this book. Took a few reads for my literal child to get the hang of it. And it’s becoming such a positive thing for us all. I find myself saying “you’ve good your helpful/big sister/happy pants on“ and she copes better than direct praise. Or asking if she needs help to take her grumpy pants off.

    It’s just been a lovely way to talk about things and stay focused on the positive the best we can. And they think it’s hilarious wearing lots of pants!

  25. Daniellr (verified owner)

    Lovely book good for younger children who are finding it hard to deal with there emotions, my little girl thought it was really funny and it made her smile

  26. Elaine Spencer (verified owner)

    A great way to explain lots of different feelings for young children. Bought it for my granddaughter, but will take it into my school before she gets it.

  27. Janet Marks (verified owner)

    I bought the book for two little friends and several for a family member *teacher). I personally thought it was a great way to express how I felt at 69!
    Here is what one of my little friends wrote after reading it.
    “Hi Janet I really liked the book I fought it was a clever way to show emotions tell your friend it is Laila approved”

  28. Claudia Schmidt (verified owner)

    What a fantastic book, written with so much love and humour. The author puts herself into a child’s mind with lots of empathy and tackles BIG feelings while conveying a sense of uplift. The story normalises all sorts of feelings both adults and children experience every day. It promotes emotional literacy and self acceptance engendering a sense of being loveable amongst all those different feelings/pants!

    The book is heartwarming and will make you chuckle!

    Dr Claudia Schmidt
    Chartered Counselling Psychologist

  29. SR

    Bought three of these – one for me/ My boys – went down v well – oldest refers to it as ‘”very well written and a good explanation of peoples thinking” youngest when asked about it said “Today is a good pants day” – (A good review!)
    As a family we think it is a great way to turn the thinking about emotions being too big for us to explain or get a handle on into something that you can discuss and begin to manage.
    The second copy winged its way across the country to a friend whos son was struggling to get a handle on where to start with big emotions – Its apparently gone down v well there and is being read and used to support his needs.
    The third copy was bought for our youngests Special Needs school. Due to lock down i popped it into the school when dropping some stuff off. Now, I don’t currently know where it is! but I know that is has been shared widely by the school on ClassDojo as children who are the only ones having to be in school, whilst dealing with the big emotions this pandemic is bringing, for children who already struggle to understand or explain their emotions. I have been asked to look to get more for the school once we come out of this – Praise indeed.

  30. Susan Bushnell (verified owner)

    Fabulous book. Great idea. I enjoyed sharing this book with children we then related it to everyday life. For example I’ve got my hungry/nervous/tired pants on tight now and can discuss how to ‘change’ which pants you have on. Children can then understand that they are in control of their feelings and that having all these feelings is perfectly normal. They can pick their own pants 😁

  31. Carly Bates (verified owner)

    I’ve received our book today and have had a read through before and am really impressed with how this has been written and how wonderfully it explains feelings using pants which my boys think is so funny. My twins really are struggling with emotions and understanding anger especially and why they feel that way. This is brilliant. Highly recommend. Thank you

  32. Louise brooke (verified owner)

    Abs over the moon with this book! It’s so well written and the boys loved it ! At the moment I think this book is a must to help your children with feelings❤️

  33. Laura (verified owner)

    Read this book with my 6 year old son, we both loved it and had a talk about which pants we were wearing! We will continue to use it as a tool to help with understanding our emotions. Thankyou ruth.

  34. Terri (verified owner)

    Received this book this morning and we read it straight away, my son is 5 and has been goimg through alot of emotions recently as we all have, this book has taught him not only that his feelings are normal but how mummy and daddy feels too. He told me that we both had our grumpy stormy pants on this morning but now he has his listening pants on and i have my happy and tired pants on 😂😂 fantastic book thank you ruth. Xx

  35. Danielle smith (verified owner)

    What a lovely book!
    I brought this book for my daughter who is 3 years old.
    A great way for younger children to understand feelings of how they are feeling.
    My little girl enjoyed this book and looking at the pictures and choosing which pants
    We’re her favourite

  36. Becca Swan

    Thank you Ruth for such an amazing book! My son wanted to read it straight away, and thought it was hilarious to have a book about pants. It’s helped him over the last couple of days to talk about his feelings during this challenging time ❤️

  37. Rachel Walsh (verified owner)

    A lovely book, very clear and great pictures!
    The book has already helped my 7 year old daughter, she loves to read it with me and actually the book would be good for some adults to read!

  38. Lois (verified owner)

    An excellent book helping children to understand their emotions in a fun and relatable way!
    Highly recommend you buy it – May have to order another copy just for safe keeping!!

  39. Kirsty (verified owner)

    Wow!!! All I can say is this is the most fabulous book we have purchased. It has helped my 5&6 year old understand that they can share their feelings, and it’s best to not have too many pants on at once. We’ve used this when my little girl is sad, and I say why do you have your sad pants on?? she will tell me why and then I asked if shes ready to out her happy pants back on and she says yes and laughs at me.

    Highly recommended!!!

  40. Hailey Thorp (verified owner)

    Weve recieved our book and already loving it. Its helped my son understand why his belly hurts when hes feeling sad. Thank you so much its helped me understand him abit better too xx

  41. Claire Major (verified owner)

    I have just read this to my 4 year old and he found it funny having a book about pants and then we had a little talk about it afterwards and he understood it was about his feeling, hopefully he’ll be able to talk to us about his feelings to help us support each other when we are struggling emotionally 🥰

  42. Natalie Roast (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed reading this book with my 6 year old daughter, led to a good chat about emotions and how we can handle them.
    I have gone on to order 60 for my Charity – SkyWay Charity, to put in the food packages we are handing out to vulnerable families with young children. Hoping those children will get as much enjoyment out of them as my daughter has and that the book will help them understand their feelings during this difficult time! Thanks Ruth for your help too.

  43. Tien Lee (verified owner)

    I have purchased Ruth’s book “Too Many Pants” for my 4.5 yo son because a mum on facebook recommended it.

    It really caught my eyes and appeared just a right moment for most of the mums in the world now. As a full time mum with 2 young boys, I never find it easy, especially in this difficult time.

    My husband and I have read this book for our big boy Nicolas few times, he liked the whooshing washing machine and cloudy lightning pants, however, it might be the reason of his personality or gender, he is still the same boy shouts when he is mad, throws toys when he is angry.

    Overall, we still and always enjoy reading together, Ruth’s book might help him more when he is a bit older. To be honest, controlling emotions is never easy, even a grown-up like myself loses my cool from time to time, not mentioning about a tiny person who is learning, exploring and observing all the time.

    Her book is a tool, a lovely gift for any little soul we care, yet, our little people still need their parents’ constant help to deal with many many things.

    I wish she has the book in different languages, it is a shame we can’t share with other friends(both big and small) whose mother tongue is not English.

  44. Fraser Davies (verified owner)

    We purchased this book as our 5 year old is struggling with her emotions a little bit at the moment, it’s allowed us to discuss this with her and we now talk about how each emotion is like a different pair of pants to take off and it’s really helped her work through some issues. Highly recommended!

  45. Laura Cameron

    After reading to her a couple of times my 4 year old is already talking about her grumpy pants! It’s amazing how quickly she’s picked up on the different emotions. If she’s having a moment I ask if she has too many grumpy pants on & it defuses the situation (most of the time!) Highly recommend this book!

  46. Laura Govier

    Wow! What a brilliant way of explaining emotions. I was given this book by a friend during mental health awareness week after recently admitting and beginning my DID journey as a 31 year old Mum. Feeling daft at time’s doesn’t come close to the Big feeling I have because I’m feeling overwhelmed and just can’t explain it to others as I’m not yet used to recognising my own feelings. However I now know that my washing machine has often been on too many spins and I’ve gained too many pants.
    Anyway I shall be doing the same as my friend as passing this on to others and spreading the word. Please write more!!!

  47. Esther Burtom (verified owner)

    I bought 3 copies of this book for family as well as the schools I work with. It’s really well written. The children love it and the pictures too. Easy to read, understand and apply. It even prompted the making of pictures of pants to design our own happy, grumpy, scared and excited pants! Great for a wide range of ages. Thoroughly recommend

  48. Sarah Wheeler (verified owner)

    This book has helped explain to my 4 year old why and how we so many emotions at once. It’s opened up the conversation to explore strategies to cope and she is able to articulate her emotions so much better. This will also help in school with allowing the children understand the complex emotions they feel.

  49. Sarah A (verified owner)

    A lovely book!

    I bought this book after seeing it recommended online. I have read it with my 4 year old who enjoyed the story. I also work with children with ASD, communication needs and sensory issues. This book will be used to help my children and the children I work with to try to understand and try to regulate their emotions.

    Can’t wait to see what Ruth does next…

  50. Lottie

    A fantastic story book! I am a teacher from children with Autism and I am so excited to share this story with my class. Such a lovely comparison between pants and emotions with lovely illustrations.

  51. Linda Spencer (verified owner)

    This book is a delight!
    Dealing with big & tricky emotions is a challenge, the explaination ‘Mum’ gives about the different pants we wear, how they just appear, & how we can take them off again is so lovely.
    I adore the line “We are only in charge of the pants we take off.” Going forward, I can see THAT becoming part of my chat about feelings with my day care children (age range 1-5 years), & in my own family.
    Thanks for writing this gift of a book, Ruth. I’ll be looking out for more of your work!

  52. Katie Lowe (verified owner)

    A fantastic book to help young ones to understand their emotions. I had been having a tough time with my son and his emotional state since we went into lockdown (he is 5). We read this book and giggled so much at the concept of ‘pants.’ Every morning I ask him which pants he has on. As the day goes on, I have to double check which ‘pants’ he has on and sometimes we have to ‘change’ them.
    We also made our own pants to hang up on the wall for all the different emotions so they are there for quick reference. My daughter enjoyed colouring some pants in with us too (she is 3).
    A wonderful book that we will use again and again. Thank you 😊

  53. Steph

    From listening to Liam Garrigan Reading this book, I knew I needed it.

    I work in a primary school within the wellbeing team and I could see how many children this lovely book could help.

    So I ordered
    It was ordered yesterday and it has arrived today. So exciting!

    Also to learn that there is a BSL video too It is great and will be passed on to our Hearing Impaired Unit.

    Thank you for this great book and I can not wait to read the next one.

    Not only a great story for children to understand their BIG emotions but for their grown ups to understand their own feelings, emotions and how many pants they wear.

    Fantastic book

  54. Kirstie Smith (verified owner)

    I hoped this book might help my 6 year old who struggles with his emotions. First time reading it he started interrupting me and it led to a conversation about things that had happened at school and the pants he’d had on and why. What a great conversation starter!
    He starts back at school in a few days – after Lockdown – and has his excited pants on! (Whereas I have my nervous pants on).
    A second copy of this book will be gifted to his school for their resources.
    Thank you Ruth!

  55. Beth (verified owner)

    An excellent little book to help little ones get to grips with their emotions and to be able to talk about them. Amazing!

  56. Peter croft

    What a great analogy, so simplistic but at the same time it makes an instant connection with the reader on how we can all manage the breakdown in communication than can manifest between a parent and child. I found myself reading the book with my daughter and actually walking away with a great tool to help me manage my own anxieties, not what I was expecting when I opened the book!
    Hope this is the beginning of many more titles 🙂

  57. Holly Taylor (verified owner)

    A fantastically real representation of moments in life as a child/parent. I love how I feel some reprieve and comfort from the norms of navigating parenting whislt reading it – just as much as my daughter engages in the story in her own ways. The calmness of the words and the illustrations defintely help to quell her little brewing storms. Thank you Ruth for creating this social storybook.

  58. Keeley ellis (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic book. My daughter struggles with her emotions and we was recommended this book. We were not disappointed, it is unbelievably good. We laugh about it but it also gives out a special message, that feelings are ok and we can manage them.

  59. Natalie Tilley (verified owner)

    Love this book! My 6 year old had really been struggling with her emotions, this book made things clearer to her and she was able to explain to me how she feels. Lovely book and great pictures.

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