The Rattos of Cheeseington Village – Book 1 – The Night of the Great Storm

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The Rattos of Cheeseington is my brand new series where I address important themes from real life and present fun, silly and easy to understand ways of learning them.

Having become a new rat mama, I have chosen to look at natural rat behaviours and apply those to us humans. The Rattos of Cheeseington show spirit, kindness, teamwork, strength, compassion, understanding, empathy, curiosity and fun which will be explored through the many characters explored in their own book.

For now, “The Night of the Great Storm” introduces you to many of the characters while showing rats in a positive light, plus raising funds for a fantastic cause.  As you read, you will discover how rats work, the beauty of their characters, their individual personalities and the loving bond they share – deep underneath the beautiful Yorkshire countryside

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10 reviews for The Rattos of Cheeseington Village – Book 1 – The Night of the Great Storm

  1. Alannah Upton

    Absolutely brilliant! A great story of rattos, young and old, pulling together to build a brighter future for the community. Such lovely, beautiful artwork and an amazing story. I love it and cannot wait to read more books about the Rattos of Cheesington. Thank you.

  2. Helen Attenborough

    The rattos of cheeseington is a brilliant children’s book. The illustrations are gorgeous and its a very cute story, my kids really enjoyed it. I really like ruth’s ideas.

  3. Sammi

    My kids really love this book especially my youngest, she loves animals! Beautiful illustrations and a lovely story to read to little ones.

  4. Arwen Easton

    A beautifully illustrated book with a great storyline which gets children thinking about rats in a more positive light 🙂

  5. Arwen

    A beautifully illustrated book with a great storyline that encourages children to see rats in a more positive light 🙂

  6. Maria Ferreira

    We just love this book! How hard it is to come by something that really appreciates the true nature of rats. We loved our ratties and it was difficult for our three year old girl to understand what they’ve crossed the rainbow bridge. This book not only teaches the importance of community and working hard as a team, utilising everyone’s individual talents but it helps break down current stereotypes amongst our rat friends. We backed the book through Kickstarter and my little girl adores her Dr rat plushie! The artwork is awesome and the mouseum even has a little pic of the wonderful Icecube!

  7. Julia Stebbing

    This is such a super book – I can almost feel myself beginning to like rats. The message of the book – about a community pulling together – is told in such a cute, imaginative and amusing way that I am sure it will please parents as much as children. I loved the names of some of the rat characters.

  8. Audrée-Rose (verified owner)

    I’m so proud that my boy Ice Cube could be a part of that amazing project. Great book and very important message! ❤️

  9. Bao Tran

    I backed this book on Kickstarter because I felt there weren’t enough positive books about rats out there. I wanted a book where children could learn more about rats so they could see how amazing and unique these creatures were.

    Ruth’s book captured the unique and loving characteristics of rats. The illustrations showed how much love and dedication the author put into them. Each rat in the book has their own adorable personality and job! The book was also long enough that it could be read in multiple sessions. I sent one copy to my friend’s 3-year-old daughter who loves to read and is starting to learn about different animals.

  10. Christina Barkway

    As a rat mother to three lovely rattie boys I bought this book on Kickstarter as I thought it was great to see a book which had a positive spin on such fab little creatures.

    After sneakily reading it myself (and thoroughly enjoying it), I gave the book to one of my nieces for her 3rd birthday and she loved it. My brother (her dad) liked the fact that it also had an eclectic mix of characters.

    Hope to see more in this series!

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