My Great New Book Series
The Rattos of Cheeseington
Book 01 – “The Night of the Great Storm

The Rattos of Cheeseington is my brand new series where I address important themes from real life and present fun, silly and easy to understand ways of learning them for children to use in their lives.

“The Night of the Great Storm” introduces you to many of the characters while showing rats in a positive light, plus raising funds for a fantastic cause. As you read, you will discover how rats work, the beauty of their characters, their individual personalities and the loving bond they share – deep underneath the beautiful Yorkshire countryside

Having become a new rat mama, I have chosen to look at natural rat behaviours and apply those to us humans. The Rattos of Cheeseington show spirit, kindness, teamwork, strength, compassion, understanding, empathy, curiosity and fun which will be explored through the many characters explored in their own book.